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Vice President Aimee M. Sever-Hall
a photo of Aimee Sever-Hall Aimee M. Sever-Hall is a full-time lecturer in the Audiology, Speech-Language, Pathology, & Deaf Studies Department at Towson University. She teaches courses from American Sign Language level 1 to 5. Aimee earned her BA degrees in Deaf Studies and American Sign Language from Gallaudet University. She also earned MA degree in Sign Language Teaching from Gallaudet University.

Other than the passion of teaching, Aimee's academically interests are included second language learning processes, integrating technology into teaching and ASL Literature. She is heavily involved with Deaf People of Color community and Deaf community. To expand her knowledge about deaf communities, Aimee travels to different countries to see deaf institutions, deaf culture and to emerge herself in the culture. In summer of 2010, Aimee voluntarily joined Global Deaf Connection organization and went to Kedowa Special School for the Deaf in Kedowa, Kenya for three months as a teacher. She taught various courses ranging from Math, Science, to American Sign Language using Kenya Sign Language (KSL) with her deaf students. Aimee also went to Medellin, Columbia and voluntarily taught an emerging course of introduction to American Sign Language for 1 month using Colombia Sign Language (LSC) with her deaf students. Aimee traveled to Aruba, Curacao, Costa Rica, Mexico, and a few more countries. Aimee is hoping to continue traveling to different countries and investing her time in deaf communities and cultures.


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