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Vice President Paul Fitzpatrick
a photo of Paul Fitzpatrick Paul F. Fitzpatrick III is my name, but known as Paul. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My parents, who are deaf, met, fell in love, and got married. They have three children. The oldest, my sister, is hearing, but my younger sister and I are both deaf. I was born in Toms Rivers, New Jersey. Growing up signing in ASL with family is the reason I cherish this language, to this day, and why I am passionate about teaching this language. I attended a mainstreamed program with an interpreter until I was 10 ten years old, at which point my family and I relocated to Anderson, South Carolina. I then attended another mainstreamed program till my parents realized that were not satisfied with the available intepreters. The decided to place me into a different school called South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind (SCSDB) in Spartanburg, SC. The residential school that I attended also had a mainstreamed program, where I benefitted bilingually and biculturally, from both programs.

After I graduated in May 1999 from SCSDB, I directly entered the workforce for three years. In 2002, I decided to enroll at Gallaudet University for two years, and then moved to Los Angeles, California where I worked as a teaching assistant for five years. Eventually, I realized my need to complete my college degree, which led me back at Gallaudet University in 2009. I finally completed my B.A. in Deaf Studies in 2011. After receiving my B.A., I got accepted to the M.A. in Sign Language Teaching program, which at that time was the pioneer group. While taking M.A. courses, I accepted an ASL teaching position at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, VA. I taught ASL to various students, who are hearing, late deafened, and hard of hearing. The students range with ASL levels one to six. I teach approximately two to three courses every semester. I recently completed my M.A. in SLT in 2012. Currently, I am ASL Instructor/Specialist at Maryland School for the Deaf, Columbia Campus. I truly love the job!


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